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28 January 2007 @ 09:43 pm
mechanical bull to oblivion  
[21:38] Phill: I hate Scan-ton
[21:39] Phill: Scran-ton
[21:39] Mike: the only thing I really like about scranton is The Office
[21:39] Phill: haha is that where it takes place?
[21:40] Mike: yeah, haha
[21:40] Mike: you didnt know?
[21:40] Phill: Nope
[21:40] Phill: I don't watch the office
[21:40] Phill: It makes me want to cry
[21:40] Mike: when I told people I went to Scranton last year they were like "ooh, say hi to steve carell for me!" and i was like what the fuck are you talking about
[21:41] Phill: people watch that show because they can relate and it makes them feel happy that they can relate to something on TV. I watch it and I can relate and it makes me wish I couldn't, and it makes me want to drink until the world comes to an abrupt halt and I ride a mechanical bull into oblivion as nuclear winter embraces me.
[21:42] Phill: the mechnical bull isn't a metaphor
[21:42] Mike: hahahhaa
[21:42] Mike: that sounds like one of the stories in haunted
[21:42] Mike: i just got mad at myself for forgetting the wine in front of me
[21:43] Mike: and now i'm drinking it, and now the mad is subsiding and it's being replaced with joy. but for a while there was an awkward mix of the two
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iwont_shareyouiwont_shareyou on March 25th, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
Scranton is a boring, boring town.