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18 July 2008 @ 12:31 am
the future  
Let me predicate this post by saying that this is something I've thought of in the past. However, now, that I'm studying economics, it's allowed me to apply this thought to the global economy. Also, I'm watching Wall-E.
To the people who are being replaced by machines: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

If you lost your job because a machine could do it, good for you. Your children will live a better, more creative, life than you will. Machines are much better suited to perform repetitive tasks: making clothes, building cars, etc. Now, I understand that if you want a really great piece of clothing, or a great car, being built by hand is better. This is not necessarily because humans perform the job better. This is just because, in mot cases, companies that use machines to replace humans usually are satisfied with an inferior product. If the company who wanted to replace a human with a machine really cared about the quality of their product, they'd buy a better machine, and make sure to give better specs.

Humans are better suited for creative tasks. This is an amazing feat of our kind! We can think between the 0 and 1's, the ons and offs, the true or false. We can create amazing things: other humans, fire, math, science and machines. If we were left to our own devices we would be forced to invent those things for ourselves, and we have!

So let's say we take away the need to work a blue collar job just for survival. We would have a lot of free time. And let's say all our jobs, that were just repetitive tasks, were taken over by robots. And let's also say we still need money to pay for goods and services in order to survive. Well, what, you say, do we do to earn money? Well, we'd be forced to get an education, and to be creative and invent. We'd be forced to change technology in society and advance, constantly. We'd be forced to improve old technology, as well. We'd become a society obsessed with advancement within three generations!

So, if you've been replaced by a robot, or fired for any reason that inhibits the advancement of technology, good for you! In fact, quit your job, and go get reeducated. Do this for your children, so they don't have to suffer the same hell as a blue collar worker like you. Do this for society, because you're holding it back. Do this for yourself, because you don't want to be stupid your whole life.

Advance yourself, advance society.
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